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The first generation of engine powered helicopters known as hoppers emerged between about 1904 and the 1920s. The engineers who built these machines hailed from France, Great Britain, Russia and the Netherlands, and their inventions could make short, tethered flights of just a few seconds. Some of the machines carried pilots, while some were unmanned.

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If you’re already at those points, then you’ve got a great foundation for sexual communication. You can lay it down from the onset before you have any kind of sex at all just by saying something like, “Before we have sex together, I want us to aim to always talk about sex honestly and freely, even when it seems weird. I feel like that’s important for both our physical and emotional safety as well as so that we can have really great sex.” Just making your intentions clear like that opens the door, allowing both you and your partner permission to talk about sex with maturity and be honest when you do..

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