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    Residents and guests that wake up to a beautiful morning in Roseville, California are often tempted to get out a bike and go for a ride. The weather makes it possible to get some exercise in without feeling overheated and the atmosphere in the city is the perfect backdrop for a casual ride. To get the most out of the experience, here are a couple of tips that can benefit both new and experienced riders looking to enjoy some time out on the roads and trails.

    Plan out the Route

    It can be tempting to just get on a bike and head out. For residents of Roseville, this might be a great idea. But for those new to the area or those that are just visiting, it is important to take some time to plan out where to go and how to get back. A map, provided by the city, offers plenty of information on the various paths to take in order to get to the local parks, along with other public facilities. It also helps to check and make sure there is no road work or an event that might change up some of the accessibility.

    Follow Traffic Signals and Signs

    Riding a bike is a lot like driving in a car in that all of the traffic signs and signals need to be followed. It can be tempting to come up to a stop sign and simple roll on by because it doesn’t look like anyone is coming. However, there is always a chance that someone is headed that way and bikers are not afforded the protection that drivers get. Follow the signs, stop at the appropriate location and don’t try to rush through the experience. Instead, try to get the most out of the ride by enjoying the views along the way.

    Be Aware of the Surroundings

    One of the biggest mistakes bikers make it zoning out while riding. Some listen to music and forget about the things going on around them. Some just stop paying as much attention to the other people, bikes and vehicles out on the road. But this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, during all Roseville California Rides, be sure to stay alert and aware. It helps to look around when moving through the city.

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