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    Moving is an interesting thing. I never liked to do it, but I have enjoyed the changes. Each time we moved, my wife and I ended up in a nicer place. I grew up in a very old and drafty house. When I got married, my wife and I lived in a newer trailer. It was huge compared to that old house I grew up in. It was nice to have the big kitchen and the separate dining room. The bedroom was small with a king-size bed. After that we looked at 2 bedroom Stone Oak Apartments.

    We finally found a really nice place that we wanted to live at for a long time. It was nice to go back to having a two-bedroom apartment. The last place only had one. It made it awkward for overnight guests, even though we had a really nice couch. We used an air mattress too. It was crowded when our relatives and my wife’s sister and child would visit during the holidays. They made the best of it, but it sure was crowded. They said it was “cozy.” I appreciate the politeness, but I was very happy when we finally looked at 2 bedroom Stone Oak Apartments. Plus, this is the first place where we have a swimming pool.

    We also have gated access, garage, mountain biking and a 6,000 square foot clubhouse. There are a lot of apartment amenities too. We have a fireplace, garden tub and really big closets. I also like the black appliance package in the kitchen. That is a nice modern touch. I like everything about the place, even our neighbors on both sides. That is a real treat when you live in an apartment as you just do not know what you are going to get sometimes. This is a nice place though, so you kind of expect great neighbors.

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