• 28Feb

    I figured my husband and I would have a time of it looking at Silver Spring Maryland apartments. The main reason I thought this is because it is so close to Washington D.C., so I figured that people would naturally want to live closer to here since the prices would be lower than what an apartment in the capital would be. We chose Silver Spring because there are two colleges here, and we hope that our daughter will want to go to one of them and commute from home since it is so close.

    She has shown interest in Monroe in the past, so we figured this was a good move for all three of us. Plus, it would put her in a great school district too, which is always helpful when your mind is set on education and the future. Still, we thought that it would be hard to find a nice place, and I am so glad that I was wrong about that. We were willing to settle for something basic if it meant paying lower rent and being in the right area for our daughter’s future. It turned out that we did not have to settle at all though.

    We looked at Ashford at Woodlake in person after looking at their website. We knew we wanted to get a three bedroom apartment, because my husband’s son from his first marriage does spend a lot of time with us, and we were actually hoping he would want to move in with us too. The kids share a bathroom, plus we have a private bath in our bedroom. The rooms are all huge ,and we even have a balcony. There is a pantry in the kitchen, there is a breakfast nook as well as a dining room, and the living room is a nice size as well. It really is a fantastic place to call home!

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