• 19Apr

    I was out cutting the lawn with a push mower. I had on ear protection that I could play music through. I just walked under the big oak tree in our yard as I mowed the lawn and felt the ground shake. I looked around startled, and saw that a huge branch split off that oak tree and fell just a few seconds after I cleared the tree with the mower. It hit so hard that I felt the ground tremor come up through my feet. I called a tree service in Long Island after I calmed down. I had a hard time even finishing the lawn that day. I was nervous about mowing close to the tree.

    It looked healthy. Every spring it leafed out and looked strong. It was a little windy that day, but not much. It was just a pleasant breeze on a hot day. I saw the limbs swaying from the porch just a little before I started mowing. I never thought that big old oak would not hold up to a stiff breeze. The weight of that branch could have squashed me like a bug. I still think about that. If I had started the lawn mowing just a few seconds later that day, I would have been under that branch when it fell. There was a hole in the ground where it hit. The tree service in Long Island had to bring in fill dirt to fill the big divot the impact made.

    I told them to cut the whole tree down even if the rest of it was sturdy and healthy. Stuff like that can stay on your mind. I think about all those nights camping under tall trees during storms, and we were just in a tent! I am really happy to not have been squished by a tree, and I do feel a little more comfortable without it there in the yard any longer. I’m sticking to short Japanes maples and decorative pines for our yard!

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