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    FOX 12’s Cold Case ReportsMore>>Cold case: North Portland shooting victim spoke with police before dyingCold case: North Portland shooting victim spoke with police before dyingUpdated: Tuesday, May 10 2016 4:05 PM EDT2016 05 10 20:05:04 GMTSharveil Moorer was only supposed to be gone for a few minutes, but the quick trip to buy cigarettes turned deadly when he was shot on the way home.Sharveil Moorer was only supposed to be gone for a few minutes, but the quick trip to buy cigarettes turned deadly when he was shot on the way home.Cold case: Portland woman strangled to death while walking homeUpdated: Tuesday, February 16 2016 11:00 PM EST2016 02 17 04:00:21 GMTGwendolyn Carter (Photo: KPTV)The walk home should have taken Gwendolyn Carter a few minutes, but she never made it. Instead, Carter body was found hours later. She was strangled to death.

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