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    The Role of Saliva in Maintaining Your Oral Health Saliva helps in keeping the mouth healthy. Saliva is more than just a liquid in the mouth. Some of the components in the saliva include water, mucus, mineral, enzymes, and proteins which help in preventing infections and other issues in the mouth. Saliva is viewed by many people as just a lubricant in the mouth. Below are some of the most critical roles played by saliva in maintaining your oral health. Providing protection to the teeth and the gum
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    Saliva consists of immunoproteins and minerals that help in killing any germs and microorganisms in the mouth. This help in avoiding any infection of the gum or decay of teeth. Saliva also fights bad breath thus preventing bacteria from finding residence in your mouth.
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    Enabling dentures to remain intact Age comes with some difficulties. Some people use artificial teeth to replace the lost one. Another important role of saliva is that it helps in keeping artificial teeth together and in the right place in the mouth. Artificial teeth can be a home to germs and bacteria thus saliva is important in fighting such bacteria and germs. Help in lubrication Saliva helps in allowing the tongue and mouth to move without causing any injury in the mouth. Saliva in the mouth helps in keeping the tongue and the mouth more lubricated which enable you to eat and talk easily. Keeping the mouth clean Saliva gets rid of food particles from the mouth. By so doing, it keeps the mouth clean. The process of washing away food particles maintains the right mouth pH. Dealing with dry mouth Not having enough saliva in the mouth can result in a condition known as xerostomia. Saliva protect you from developing this condition. Xerostomia is very common in older people since they have a smaller amount of saliva than younger people. Some signs of this condition include problems with swallowing or a feeling like you have a swollen tongue. Dry mouth brings bacteria and germs to your mouth. It can raise the possibility of having teeth and gum infections. You can prevent xerostomia by drinking water frequently and using chewing gums that do not have sugar in them. Xerostomia is a serious infection and you should see your dentist if you start noticing some of its symptoms. Saliva has very important responsibility in keeping you healthy. It is important to ensure you have enough saliva in the mouth. Dryness in the mouth can lead to health problems. A regular visit to the dentist is recommended in order to keep your mouth free from infections. There is a good number of dentists you can seek professionals treatment from. But it is very necessary to pick the right dental doctor for best results.

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