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    If a person begins to think about removing fat from certain parts of their body, without undergoing surgery, they may be a bit skeptical that such a procedure exists. However, thanks to advancements in technology, there is an effective and safe way to remove fat cells without “going under the knife.” In fact, it is likely much easier than most people think.

    The procedure that is referred to as coolsculpting is an FDA approved method to remove fat cells with controlled cooling. In this procedure, the cells will die and then flush out of the body naturally over a period of three to six months. Some of the specific benefits of this procedure can be found here.

    It’s Non-Invasive

    Having gastric bypass surgery or liposuction can be quite invasive. However, with this new procedure, no cuts are required. In fact, it can be done on a person’s lunch break. During the treatment, there are some people who read a book, while others take a nap. Since it is noninvasive, there is also no downtime or recovery period. After the treatment is complete, the individual can go back to work or whatever other activities they need to take care of.

    Effective and Safe

    This method of removing fat cells was created by scientists who worked at Massachusetts General Hospital. It is now the only fat freezing technology that has been cleared by the FDA. With the process, there is no surgery required and there are no artificial substances used. The process works with controlled cooling that is targeted at the fat cells only. As a result, the procedure is safe, effective, and pretty fast.

    Natural Looking Results

    This procedure is used as an aid for fat reduction, rather than a complete replacement for exercise and diet. The results that are achieved are natural looking and gradual and with each visit, a person can expect about a 20 percent fat reduction.

    Taking the time to learn about this procedure can help a person determine if it is something they would like to try. It is a preferred fat blasting method for many people who want to avoid surgery. However, it is a good idea to speak with a surgeon to make sure a person is a candidate.

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