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    In 1943, the wreck was nearly discovered when a Royal Australian Navy minesweeper clearing the shipping lanes off the Queensland coast fouled on an obstruction then believed to be a sandbank. Four years later, in 1947, another navy vessel, the HMAS Lachlan, examined the area using an echo sounder and located what it thought was the Yongala. No further action was taken at this time, and another 11 years passed until the watery grave was finally confirmed..

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    Canada Goose Parkas The above questions are important because their answers will guide how we rearrange our energy portfolio to transition away from fossil fuels. Popular culture often clumps energy sources into two groups renewable and nonrenewable but we’ll see that this is overly simplistic. Renewability is a matter of degree, not a category. Canada Goose Parkas

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    Canada Goose Vests Meniscus is the shock absorbing disc between the femur and tibia in the center of your knee, Macalena said. They just about always happen when you twist your knee on a planted foot like when you are carrying a football and you plant or get tackled. It gets pinched between bones and tears. Canada Goose Vests

    Canada Goose Online The only thing that’s better than a Wednesday spot is when alt side is suspended altogether, usually on a holiday of some sort. I keep the calendar handy, and I even have alerts set up for the alt side Twitter account, just to make sure I don’t waste time strategizing a move I don’t have to make. Last week, after returning from a trip out of town, I parked in a Tuesday spot but the rules were suspended Canada Goose Online.

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