He also called Luke a great coach, a leader and “a rock

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iphone 8 plus case “It was troubling.”Bjork, speaking alongside Vitter at the news conference, called it a “sad” and “unexpected” day for Ole Miss. He also called Luke a great coach, a leader and “a rock.””He’s an Ole Miss Rebel,” Bjork said. “And I am confident especially even more confident after watching him address the team [earlier Thursday] that he will lead this team and program through this difficult time.”Bjork said school officials had met with the football staff and players to inform them of the developments.”I saw some heads go down, as you might expect, but I thought they handled it very maturely,” Bjork said.Bjork said the aftermath of a recent, unrelated NCAA investigation gave university officials a blueprint for handling the situation.”Unfortunately we had a routine for this,” Bjork said.Bjork wouldn’t say how many phone calls were made to numbers similar to the one made to the female escort service, or how far back the phone calls went. iphone 8 plus case

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