Exciting Learning Guidance For Kids

Difficulties in learning or understanding the lessons given by the teacher, of course, have been experienced by most children. The background of learning difficulties or irregularities in learning is influenced by many factors.

However, if the causes of learning difficulties are associated with factors that play a role in learning activities, the causes of learning difficulties can be grouped into two major groups, namely factors that come from within you (internal factors) which include intellectual abilities, affection like feelings and confidence, motivation, maturity for learning, age, gender, study habits, ability to remember, and sensing abilities such as seeing, listening, and feeling.

While the factors originating from outside (external factors) include factors related to the conditions of the learning process which include teachers, the quality of learning, instruments or learning facilities in the form of hardware and software as well as the environment, both social and natural environments.

Listening to the factors that affect the learning difficulties mentioned above, your child who experiences learning difficulties or irregularities in learning, is shown by low learning outcomes. Therefore it is very important if we provide tutoring to our children. But in giving our guidance do not give carelessly, but must be able to provide pleasant and comfortable guidance for our children.

Fun children’s study guidance:

1. Invite children to learn while playing

One of the fun children’s tutoring is to invite children to play while learning. So children will not be easily bored with the learning activities that they do. Because he is also playing, but for parents do not continue to invite children to play. But also pay attention to both.

Usually in this way the child will be happy and not easily bored, and this way the child will more easily capture the lessons or material that we provide. Therefore make it a habit for parents to use the method, because this method is very good for guiding children in the learning process.

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2. Learn while telling stories

The step that parents must take to their children when guiding learning is to invite children to tell stories while learning. Children will also prefer and listen to their parents’ advice when they start telling their parents. You can also do this method when you are looking for ways to guide your child.

With the method of telling the story, the child will get new learning that he has never had before. With this beercerita method the child will get new experiences from things he does not yet know, and the curiosity of a child will increase. And this is good for children’s learning.

3. When the mood of a child is good

In order for children to learn to be fun is when you can find the best time for children to learn that is when the child’s mood is good again. When the mood of a child is good, it will usually be inclined to accept the lessons that parents give. In addition, children will feel comfortable when learning, so determining a good time for children is when the mood is good again.

But if instead the mood is worse, then the learning process should not be done first, because children will usually refuse to even rebel to learn. This is not true, because it will make children feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. So do not overly force a child’s learning when he is not in good condition.

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