Good Education for Children

Science is the provision of life in human life, because it is the science that distinguishes one person’s quality from one another. Therefore, everyone expects success in any field in life, so they must equip themselves with adequate knowledge.

Therefore, parents certainly hope to be able to provide the best education for their children. To achieve the coveted educational goals, in the coveted educational process, in the educational process that functions to develop the potential that is within you. Therefore parents usually provide three educational channels to overcome their child’s success.

Good education for children:

1. Formal lines

The formal pathway is education that is organized programmed by institutions in stages ranging from basic, middle, upper and higher levels. Likewise, the learning period has also been determined for each level. Many parents use this education path compared to other lane.

Because if we look, this level has high quality that can print successful children. Many children are successful with the formal education pathway. So it is not surprising that many parents believe in this formal education.

2. Non-formal lines

Non-formal pathways are education organized by the community as a supporting activity to complement and strengthen formal education in the form of courses, tutoring or Qur’anic activities in the community. Many parents give their children education. Because education is also no less good than formal education.

Because in non-formal education we will have an expertise, where we can develop our expertise to develop as our ability. So that later it can be useful for others even the country. So that it can boast anyone, both parents and the country. Therefore this non-formal education is also needed to find out the talents of children.

3. Informal lines

Informal pathways are education obtained in the family and community environment. In this education, the role of the family greatly influences a person. Therefore, when children cannot get formal or non-formal education, parents can support the matter of informal education.

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Of the three education channels available, formal and non-formal channels are certainly planned and programmed so that the results are also measurable and can be evaluated regularly. Parents can also choose which institutions have better management of management by looking at the quality assurance offered by education providers at the same time.

Education in family and society, the role of the mother’s father as a parent is crucial. When parents are able to always motivate and direct well as well as a good example by creating an atmosphere in the family that is conducive to your child, then of course your child will develop well.

The education model that is currently developing in the community there are many alternatives as choices. There is regular school capital with morning to afternoon study time. There is a full day school model full day children learn at school.

When parents choose a regular school, so many outside of school that our parents should think about filling out with other activities that support children’s development to be independent. But if the child chooses full day school, then the child’s time is spent in school.

In this case the most important thing is, how is the readiness of parents to educate their children to be able to establish themselves in their lives. Both independent in learning, worship, and economic independence. What is clear in the education process must be done as a means to make children grow into independent individuals. The choice of educational institutions can be adjusted to conditions in the environment to support the continuity of children’s education.

Therefore, whatever education is given by parents, first make sure that education is good for the future of the child. Both formal, non-formal and informal education. And also good by using regular, full day and boarding school methods, all of the most important for the good of our own children.

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